Escape rooms met veel personen op locatie in dorpshuis

Play an escape room with a large group

A fun, interactive and stimulating game to crack your brain to.
Play with groups up to of 25, 50 or even 100+ at the same time with Codekrakers.
Location doesn’t matter since our boxes can be played everywhere.

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The popularity of escape rooms

Escape rooms are becoming more and more popular. However, not everyone knows what’s an escape room. Because we want to make escape rooms available for everyone, we translated our best one into an English escape room.
An escape room is a game where a group of people solves riddles, puzzles and more. Crack every lock within the hour and unravel the mysteries.

The solutions aren’t just for the taking, you’ll need some real skills and make the necessary steps to even get close. What you’ll need to solve will become clear when you start the escape room.

escape room grote groep | teambuilding escape room in grote groepen op locatie

Escape rooms with a large group

You can play an escape room with the whole team on any physical location. However, a more practical solution for large groups are escape room boxes. The benefits of playing an escape room box with a large group are:

  • You can play with everyone at the same time

You don’t need to play in rounds, which would normally cost you precious (waiting) time out of your schedule. Now you have more time for the fun things in life.

  • The escape room will be delivered to you 

Stop worrying about transport or traffic! We got you covered. You can also forget about getting the group to the physical location. The escape room will be delivered to your doorstep or chosen location.

  • Easily adjustable to your own room

It doesn’t really matter if you want to play in a gym hall, conference room of the hotel you’re staying, or a small office. The mobile escape rooms of Codekrakers are simply adjustable and playable in every room.

From box to escape room

One person can do the setup, and transform the box into and real escape room within ten minutes. The easy-to-use manual will guide you step by step with unpacking and getting things ready to play. If you rented a place or a room, you can ask an employee to set it up for you. Or you can do it yourself. A massive benefit that we have is that the Game master can still play along with the other players. He just can’t help them with searching.

scape room box voor thuis of op locatie voor grote groepen
escape room in de klas

Play simultaneously or in rounds

You can play all together or after each other in combination with, for example, a lunch break or another activity. This makes it possible to play in one stream while combining other things on your schedule. The escape room takes about an hour. Note: the escape room needs to be re-prepped for the next group. This will take approximately 10 minutes (the first time) with two persons. If the same persons do the next prep, it’ll be even faster!

Escape room Codekrakers testen op locatie & voor escape room thuis

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Multiple teams in one room

the best way to play with multiple teams is in one (large) room. The teams can watch the introduction video together on a big screen or beamer. After the video, the teams start at the same time. This makes a real competitive setting. Especially when you notice the other team already solving the puzzle where your team’s currently stranded.

Escape room in grote groepen met spelbegeleiding

What do I need to play an escape room?

A table

You'll need a table per escape room/group at minimum.

Mobile (and Laptop)

You're allowed to look up things on the internet The laptop is needed for specific escape room

Wifi or 4G

Wi-Fi or 4G is recommended for your devices

A beamer

There will be an intro video with a countdown timer

escape room op locatie om te spelen op een externe of eigen locatie

Play in individual groups with 1 escape room per group

Another option is to play separately by putting every escape room in a different room. The perk here is that the teams don’t need to start at the same time. And you can’t cheat by looking at the other team. Last but no least, you can pick multiple theme’s and simply switch after a short break once you’re done. Note: to do this, you need to purchase an addition playing round.

Snelste groep van de escape room

Battle for the fastest time

Playing escape rooms in large groups is extra fun if you make it a real competition. Make up a price for the fastest team. Or penalty for the slowest one. We can help you with our experience package deal. You’ll get a real trophy and everything to dress up 1 room. Think about smoke machines, big posters, lamps and other attributes.

Let us take care of your game experience

We can accompany you and completely take over ant organizing you have to do. Just let us know the location, time and needed boxes. We of team Codekrakers got you covered during the set-up, possible between round moments and the cleanup. We’ll also keep checking up on the groups during playing so no one falls too far behind and everyone keeps enjoying the experience. Play carefree with team Codekrakers and let us help you out where needed.

Spelbegeleiding bij escape rooms Codekrakers

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Extra's for the ultimate experience

Game host from Codekrakers
We'll come with one or multiple hosts to do the set-up, delegate, and help players. After the game, we do the cleanup of the escape rooms.
Complete your experience
Recieve extra's like a price for the winners and theme styled decorations for the room.
Feel free to ask anything or share extra details!

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escape room grote groep | teambuilding escape room in grote groepen op locatie
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