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Escape room for students and professors

So you’re in need of a fun and active activity to play with your fellow students or colleagues. Well, you’re at the right address!

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Why play an escape room?

Escape rooms are such a fun way to pass the time. Especially when you’re playing with other students.  One of the biggest pros of an escape room is that it keeps all the players actively included. So you’ll never have the feeling that someone’s falling behind, or isn’t helping the team in some way or form. With an escape room from Codekrakers you’re able to transform every location into a magical adventure. They don’t require a whole setup with all kinds of complicated requirements and instructions. In fact, you’ll be ready to go within 10 minutes. Besides all the things mentioned above, is an escape room a helpful tool to develop a few interesting skills.

evenenmenten en bedrijfsfeesten
Escape room voor thuis Brandgeheim. Nederlands en engelstaflig

Hone your life-skills

Whether you’re a student or a professor. You’ll need to learn and build specific skills during your career. But what kind of skills are coming back in a student escape room ? What are we’re talking about? Well, it’s a lot, so we’ll just give you a few examples of the most important ones.

One of the foremost skills that an escape room forces people to use is clear communication. If you’re not able to communicate simple tasks or ask a team member for something. We’re sorry, but you’re not going to clear our escape rooms within the set time. As a student, you’ll need to cooperate with other students for at least the following 3–4 years. And as a professor, you’ll need communication skills to manage your classes properly.

The next skill we want to talk about is Problem-solving. This one is kind of a no-brainer, but we’re still going to include it because it’s a big part of completing an escape room. An escape room exists out of different dimensions where all sorts of puzzles, secret languages, hidden messages, difficult riddles and hints that don’t make sense are scattered all over the place.

More skills

Out of the box thinking is somewhat connected to problem-solving. However, it’s the more unorthodox way of solving problems. By being creative and looking at difficulties from another perspective, someone would be able to resolve some matters rather quickly with a not so obvious solution.

For the following skill, we wanted to make sure it applies to almost anyone. Stress is unfortunately inevitable in our daily lives. However, playing escape rooms helps you to train your Stress resistance. By performing tasks while a clock is unforgivably ticking away, you’ll find yourself in some pretty stressful situation. Stay calm, think rationally, and don’t forget to discuss things with your team members.

Last but certainly not least there’s the development of Leadership. This Skill isn’t for everyone, and most people will try to pin leadership on someone else. But for the fortunate few that rise to the occasion it’s a way of developing self trust, confidence and directorial skills. This skill is important to at least master a little bit while you’re still a student.

Escape rooms op locatie voor thuis of op kantoor

Why would I pick Codekrakers

Escape rooms op eigen locatie

Every location

The only thing you need is a bit of space, a table per team and a big screen with sound. Play wherever you want! Like your classroom, auditorium, gymhall or any other place in or outside school.

Grote groep personen om escape room te spelen

Big and small groups

Our escape rooms are playable in teams ranging from 4 to 6 players. However, in case of big events, you can battle over the fasted time with a group up to 600 persons simultaneously. Be competitive, try your hardest and succeed.

De escape room voor iedereen

Made for everyone

No matter what kind of company you’re around. We definitely have a theme that fits the vibe. Besides that, we also offer different difficulties for starters or experts. We want to make sure everyone can enjoy our escape experience.

speel direct zonder voorbereiding de escape room

Plug & play

We offer plug and play escape rooms. This means you’ll be able to set up within 10 minutes (per escape box). Transform your room or location into an adventure zone and accept the challenge.

Playing with more than 30 people? Feel free to request an offer.

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Where to play?

Like you’ve probably already read. Our escape rooms are playable everywhere, and we mean literary everywhere. Even outside when the weather allows for it. Don’t feel obligated to keep our escape room within the walls of your university or college if you’re a student. As professor the uni or college is probably the right place. But you can be spontaneous! Right below, you’ll see a few of the locations people have come up with to play our escape rooms.

Get inspired and use our escape rooms at your location!

In a college room

Escape room setting grote groepen | escape boxen

At Home

Escape room voor thuis Brandgeheim

At a restaurant

escape room op locatie in restaurant

In a auditorium

Codekrakers introweken

From the Office

Escape room zakelijk teambuilding op locatie

Inside a church

escape room grote groep | teambuilding escape room in grote groepen op locatie

Wat zeggen anderen?

Lees hier wat onze klanten vinden van een escape room voor thuis.

Lotte Van Drie
Wij speelden de escape room 'Het Brandgeheim' met 8 groepen. Leuke en uitdagende escaperoom. Evenementenpakket gaf leuke extra toevoeging. Goede communicatie met Codekrakers en goede service en levering. Voor ons een top ervaring!
Hans ter Horst
Een escape room in je eigen huis. Op jouw gekozen moment. Wat een goed concept. Wij hadden de kist 'het Brandgeheim' en speelden deze met zes spelers.Gelukkig net binnen de tijd opgelost. Het was een pittige puzzel met een prachtig oud slot op de kist. Om deze te openen hadden we een hint nodig. D...
Bob Winkel
Wat een geweldige ervaring!Tijdens ons bedrijfsfeestje op ons Kantoor hebben we naast de Winter BBQ ook de escape room box "Het Brandgeheim" van Codekrakers gedaan, Het was een leuke en uitdagende teamactiviteit, maar we slaagden erin om binnen de tijd te finishen - een overwinning op zich! Zeker ...
Diana Huizing
Met twee groepen tegelijk de nieuwe escaperoom 'Brandgeheim' gespeeld! Stukje extra spanning omdat je natuurlijk wilt winnen, maar wat zit het goed in elkaar! Wat weer leuke gadgets gebruikt en pittige puzzels bedacht! En op het nippertje binnen het uur opgelost! We hebben een top avond beleefd!
Jennie Milner
We hadden een geweldige ervaring met de Engelse versie van "Secret of the Flames". De aandacht voor detail in de rekwisieten en de puzzels was geweldig en wordt normaal gesproken niet gedaan in dit soort spellen. Bedankt Codekrakers voor zo'n geweldige ervaring!
Mysterieus vuur escape room | Codekrakers escape rooms voor thuis teambuilding

I want to play an escape room with a group smaller than 30 people.

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Extra's for the ultimate experience

Game host from Codekrakers
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